Vision and mission

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Mission:We strive to support this environment by building a more inclusive curriculum, addressing a range of learning styles, offering a wide array o…

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Welcome! Here at Johnson Online Academy, we have made it easy for you to achieve your English learning needs with each lesson and resource.…

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Why take an online course with JOA?

  • Join us for a free consultation
  • Accredited, Native English experienced teachers who are Qualified In all courses of…
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Study English language for:

  • Education and entertainment.
  • Job and career.
  • Traveling and communicating.
  • Meeting people and making friends.
  • We offer both Ame…
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Learning English online with us is very easy! No need to travel anywhere. You can take classes remotely from home, office or any other place. All you…

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JOA has many great courses to choose from. Our programs suit all types of students from low beginners who are just starting to learn English to advan…

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Course Programs

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Please copy the link in your browser:   This free placement test will determine your Engli…

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Why not  join our free 5 day course? The course consists of 5 lessons (beginner to advanced) with all the basics of English grammar, vocabulary …

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Beginners language course with JOA is an excellent introduction to English for students with a limited ability. This course is for students who are u…

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Elementary language course with JOA is suitable for quite simple conversations like meeting people coming from English speaking countries. In this co…

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Intermediate language course with JOA is for students with a comprehensive understanding of the English language but hope to develop better communica…

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Advanced language course with JOA is for students who can communicate effectively and wish to improve their grammar and understanding of more complex…

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Jamie a Chinese student who currently resides in Canada reflects on the teaching methods of "G"(Gershwin Johnson) while working at Aston/Balboa Inter…

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By Anastasia (Russia) ·
Jul 1, 2021

Classes with JOA made the explanation of English grammar easy as possible. For Russians English grammar is the most confusing thing. Russian language…

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Pronunciation and Idioms

By Mark (China) ·
Jan 6, 2021

Wow! Mr. Jays passion, incredible! I have achieved a lot by pursuing this course. Pronunciation and idioms has always been my challenge. I would sugg…

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Pronunciation and Essay writing

By Dora (China) ·
Jan 12, 2021

Hi my name is Dora, a grade 10student. Mrs. Johnson's classes are phenomenal. I can email her or my classmates at anytime. Online classes have the di…

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About us

The primary goal at Johnson Online Academy is to provide a platform for innovative and interactive learning and teaching. Of equal importance, JOA intends to assist students of all language abilities to achieve their intended language goals. 

Online learning provides an opportunity for students…

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D. Johnson


Greetings, my name is Done' Johnson, and I have the honor of serving as the Principal at Johnson Online Academy. As a seasoned educator and a registe…

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GM Johnson


Greetings, my name is Gershwin Johnson, and I am the founder of Johnson Online Academy. With a deep passion for education, I have always sought to in…

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