Which platform do you use?

We use a variety of platforms namely: ZOOM / SKYPE / WECHAT / DINGTALK /MICROSOFT TEAMS along with some additional sites and applications for further interaction and sharing of resources.

Do you require a minimum level of English or are all levels available?

It is available for levels A1-C1.

How do you check my English level?

We will send you a link to a placement test via email prior to starting the online classes.



Students can choose from either General English or IELTS Preparation. What is the difference?

General English classes provide teaching in the four key skill areas of the English language; reading, writing, listening and speaking. Our IETLS preparation classes focus on the specific skill sets required for taking the IELTS examination and helping students to reach their ideal IETLS score.

Will the teacher be the same for each class?

If you book a fixed lesson time and keep the same lesson time for the whole week, it will be the same teacher.

Can I experience  a class to understand what it is like?

Definitely! you can join the virtual classroom experience by contacting our office for a free consultation.

Will it be a fixed group with a fixed schedule or can students join a new group each lesson?

It will be a fixed group, and the students who are in that schedule will stay in that group for the whole week.

Is there a more intensive course option available for adults?

We can offer a more intensive course for adults. The maximum we would recommend would be 2 x 2hr classes per day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon local time).
We also offer one-to-one sessions with a teacher to help a student focus more on their specific areas of improvement or English language goals.



Apart from the ENGLISH lessons, would there be optional classes or activities the student can participate online?

Our special l programs are still active (Life-skills, Psychology, Personal development) etc... they are now delivered online. Students are able to participate in virtual activities such as quizzes and break out rooms with students from their classes as well as One on one classes should you choose.


Payments are to be made to Johnson Online Academy PayPal account:

The account details will be given to you once you have signed up.