Convenience and Stability

By Lisa (Italy) ·
Jan 13, 2021

Skype English classes are extremely convenient. I have been using Skype for years. The biggest advantage of learning English over Skype is the video …

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Crisp sound and Interactive Board

By Paul (Paris) ·
Jan 13, 2021

The lessons are awesome and very interesting! the sound and video quality is much better through zoom in my opinion. In addition, the whiteboard is a…

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Pronunciation and Essay writing

By Dora (China) ·
Jan 12, 2021

Hi my name is Dora, a grade 10student. Mrs. Johnson's classes are phenomenal. I can email her or my classmates at anytime. Online classes have the di…

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Pronunciation and Idioms

By Mark (China) ·
Jan 6, 2021

Wow! Mr. Jays passion, incredible! I have achieved a lot by pursuing this course. Pronunciation and idioms has always been my challenge. I would sugg…

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By Anastasia (Russia) ·
Jul 1, 2021

Classes with JOA made the explanation of English grammar easy as possible. For Russians English grammar is the most confusing thing. Russian language…

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