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Advanced Language Course C1 - C2

Advanced language course with JOA is for students who can communicate effectively and wish to improve their grammar and understanding of more complex linguistic features. Students who successfully complete this level, should possess language skills acceptable for everyday professional use. This advanced language course is a finishing course for students with highly developed language skills and which helps the student focus on developing specific areas of proficiency. At the end of the course, it is expected that students will be skilled in speaking intelligently and expressively on both specific and abstract topics. 


Prerequisite: To have either completed the Intermediate language course with JOA or have been assessed using the JOA placement test. 


Course Structure

17 Units

1 unit per week 

2 lessons per week

2 tests conducted: Midway and at the end of the course 


Why take the ALC with JOA? 

  • Use of newspapers, books and longer texts are introduced in class and home study
  • Increase threshold in reading comprehension and write with maturity and sophistication.
  • Individual/ pair/small group size classes
  • Online resources provided
  • Real time classes with native and experienced teachers


Intake: All year round


What will you learn? 

  • Reading comprehension, advanced writing skills and continued vocabulary acquisition.
  • Acquisition of new vocabulary, reinforced by research and daily speaking implementation
  • Acquiring a deeper understanding of the connotation of words and the rhythm of the language and moreā€¦

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