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Beginners Language Course AO - A1

Beginners language course with JOA is an excellent introduction to English for students with a limited ability. This course is for students who are unable to hold a conversation and form basic sentences. JOA beginner’s language course is focused on the development of the student, holistically. This course consists of, but not limited to, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, listening and more.


Prerequisite: None. Come as you are and be ready to learn! 


Course Structure

17 Units

1 Unit per week

2-3 lessons per week

x2 tests conducted: Midway and at the end of the course


Why take the BLC with JOA? 

  • Individual/ pair/ small group size classes
  • Online resources provided
  • Real time classes with native and experienced teachers
  • Cost effective


Intake: All year round


What will you learn? 

  • Simple English words for daily use
  • Vocabulary in English and meaning thereof
  • Ample opportunity to practice and gain confidence in your ability
  • Course includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities.

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