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Business English B1-C2

Business English differs from the everyday English we use. Business English is aimed at language used within the workplace.  When you are speaking business English, you have information to tell or ask someone. The people you communicate with want to reach the same goals as you; and perhaps, solve the same problems as you. Therefore, it is a communicative tool in business organizations to fulfil several tasks. At Johnson Online Academy we know that one size does not fit all. Our business English course is flexible. 

What does this mean?

Well, we will conduct a needs analysis and design a course specific to the clients learning objectives. This course is focused on developing the language skills for development in business and professional growth. We can customize courses for groups, companies, and professional organizations. JOA work closely with these individuals or companies to design a course suitable to their learning needs. 


Programme Structure

       3 Parts

  1. Customized course
  2. JOA standard business course
  3. Practice



  1. An interview to establish proficiency level of the student(s).
  2. Needs analysis on which business functions the student require

Duration: In Business English, as in all language learning, the more time the student is prepared to invest, the more progress he/she will ultimately make. (Duration to be established by individual, group or company)


What will you learn?

  • Part 1 - Depending on the results of the Needs Analysis, our course can include any of the following topics: meetings, presentations, report writing, negotiations etc.
  • Part 2 – This course is an introduction to Business related topics and may include any of the following: managing people, advertising, Marketing, stress in the workplace etc.
  • Part 3 – During practice students will incorporate what was learnt to real life situations. This include but is not limited to role-playing, case studies, tasks, presentations etc.


Intake: All year around

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