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IELTS Speaking

Need to prepare for the IELTS Speaking test?

With JOA the course is packed with highly-effective speaking strategies, grammar and vocabulary exercises and lots of practice tests to help you prepare thoroughly for the exam. The course is organized into 25 lessons each for both intermediate and advanced level students

Course duration:4 weeks.

  • Have a thorough understanding of what’s required of you in the Speaking exam.
  • Know effective strategies that will guarantee you perform at 100%.
  • Know the IELTS speaking assessment inside out so you know which areas to work on during your preparation.
  • Learn how to avoid the typical language mistakes made by advanced learners.
  • Know the functional language you’ll need in the exam to speculate, compare and contrast, agree and disagree effectively, use fillers etc.
  • Have the topic vocabulary to answer the examiner’s questions confidently.


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