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Intermediate Language Course B1- B2

Intermediate language course with JOA is for students with a comprehensive understanding of the English language but hope to develop better communication skills. JOA provides can opportunity for students to improve their grammar, vocabulary, fluency, and deeper knowledge of the English language. JOA encourages student’s sophistication in the use of grammatical structures and new vocabulary development for reading, writing, and speaking. 


Prerequisite: To have either completed the Elementary language course with JOA or have been assessed using the JOA placement test. 


Course Structure

13 Units

1 unit per week 

2 lessons per week

2 tests conducted: Midway and at the end of the course 


Why take the ILC with JOA? 

  • Individual/ pair/small group size classes
  • Online resources provided
  • Real time classes with native and experienced teachers
  • Topics to evoke critical thinking


Intake: All year round


What will you learn? 

  • Prepare reports on various topics
  • Discuss complex abstract issues
  • Gain a wide grammatical knowledge
  • Students’ conversational skills increase so that they can understand most non-technical conversations and more…

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